Cinco De Mayo/ High Moments

Man! This weekend was just filled with so much foolery. First, there was Cinco De Mayo on Friday, then there was the fight on Saturday (team Canelo-until that nigga loses)/ game night, and finally Sunday (time of recovery aka time of death.) I just started watching 13 reasons why so I’m gonna handle this like Hannah Baker (whitest name). So we’re gonna make a mini title for this post called…

7 reasons why…

  1. Omar…Bruh this dude Omar is hilarious man! I do not hang out with anybody who isn’t some type of goofy so it’s just a match made in Heaven. We get along so well ’cause we’re emotionally on the same wavelengths and we just get each other, niggas bond over mutual sadness, it’s just our thing. and our underlying and competitive hate for Garrett. lol Garrett will take yo hoe from you even if yo name is Barack, I Promise. No and’s if’s or but’s about it, he will snatch that bitch from you. KEEP THEM AWAY FROM GARRETT, OR ELSE! hahaha.

2. Daisy… Where to begin, first and foremost y’all Daisy is fine as hell! Like it honestly doesn’t even make sense. Being the good friends that we are, we being Garrett and I, we exploit that. It’s always good having a fine ass friend, ’tis the reason we had such a good time on Friday. Daisy out here making niggas fall in love and give her things. If Daisy walks up to you just give her whatever she wants before you fall in love lol (aka trap/ h honey pot). She stole us THE largest Sombrero and we just acted foolishly, then EVERYONE wanted to wear our sombrero, take pictures, dance, maybe even kiss lol. As you see Daisy is a very key element of the team. Last time I was with Daisy she died from a blunt, like died, like lost who she was lol. This girl was turnt with us Friday and Saturday, girl we are proud of ya’!! lol Nigga I just remembered, Daisy almost got that ass taken by a stud lol. She was after that water (you should know what water means, it’s so delicious lol). She out here making studs go crazy, even though they girl is on the patio waitin’ for that drink you said you was comin’ with 30 mins ago hahaha. “isn’t she beautiful yall”…”She smells so good”… “ooooo so you’ve tasted that sweetness? I see you girl”…The pain she felt when she thought G and Daisy were messin’ around was probably the highlight of the night. She said and I quote… “Well I guess I have to get back to my responsibilities outside (her gf)” Breh I almost lost it!!! bawhahahaha what a savage. If I looked like Daisy and Garrett I would take over the world and use my powers for pure evil.

3. Jerrell and Keinan… These two niggas. Breh! Honestly I could care less about any of G’s friends from Santa Barbara, but these two negroes are part of the exception. First off this nigga Keinan looks just like the black nigga (yes…the black nigga…yep) from 13 reasons why who hangs out with the jocks, just like that nigga. I don’t know his name I’m only on episode 4, but what I’ve come to notice is that if they even look at Clay, them niggas got a tape! lol Anyways, Boi Keinana and Jerrell are the funniest niggas in the world. Like all of us put together is just a shootin’ frenzy and not one fuckin’ person is safe. I’m sprayin’ like Tony Montana around these niggas, do not let your guard down! This nigga Jerrell was turnt breh he been so non-existent, but he’s back and I’m just so happy! lol Keinan had me dead all night, and he’s acting and writing his stand up. Man that is just so dope mainly ’cause that’s a dream of mine.

4. Mimi… Although we have a very strange friendship given you and G are exes. We truly care about each other. It’s so strange, just imagine you being really cool with your best friend’s ex, there’s so many more levels to it, but that’s the just of it. We had one convo this weekend and you made it into one of the reasons, here’s why. First off, IDK if you know this about me, but when I get high a nigga gets emotional lol. IDEK if she knew I was high, which is very hard to not notice, but just IDK I love that girl. Not a lot of people are in my life, ya know, and for someone to take the time and really put forth effort just makes you… love them. Even though you are best friends with Voldemort (haha I’m jk I love that girl…Jena) we just found the time to create this friendship on the side and I honestly wouldn’t change it for the world. Even Mimi is dumb funny, she’s hella expressive and animated.  I’m just watching and listening to her tell her stories on face time the other day and I do this thing… I’m NEVER quiet, like ever! So when I’m high and get all emotional i just stfu and listen and I do this ’cause I just like to soak in that TIME you know? and I know at this point she’s probably realizing how baked I actually am ’cause I’m so tranquil and at peace, but I’m so calm because at that moment…I’m realizing that this person on the other end loves me like I love them. It’s one of the best feelings honestly, especially for me, given from the family I came from. I felt A LOT of love this weekend.

5. Lisa… my lil ming ling…lol again we had one convo, but that’s all it takes with me. We’re just eachother’s lil hoe-ish spirit animals. She was with some AINT SHIT ASS NIGGA for who knows how long and now she out here doin her thang (white man voice from “Get Out”). Which, makes us hella proud girl! she’s a really good person and tons of fun and only hangs out with the best of people. She’s been there for me since 2013 and I totally respect her, love her, and pray for her. Pray that she’s gettin’ a good dickin’ out there! She deserves it lol

6. Chanel…I’m pretty sure me and Chanel are just going to be friends forever. Well you should know if you friends with me, nigga its 4 EVA (Cardi B voice). I’ll kill yo ass, y’all a’int neva gon leave me, that’s to all y’all. Only way out the friendship is death my nigga. Death by my hands lol. As soon as I hit facetime, “you high as fuck huh Jimmie”. Damn nigga, well yes but shhhhh. “Well shit, let me smoke too”. If you don’t have a friend like that, you’re losing at life. We can just shoot the shits all day on facetime and talk hoes, music, politics, anything really and I honestly enjoy every minute. Again I just stayed quiet and I’m just looking at her like damn you love me huh lol. You’d be surprised who is really down for you, well not surprised, but more so happy. Like I wasn’t mad or sad all weekend. Yeah it fucking sucks that it’s Monday and I have to get back to this real world, but the weekend provided me with Bliss honestly.

7. Garrett… my nigga…… breh everytime I see this I lose my shit! I can be at the beginning, middle, or end of the gif and I’m dying. It’s little shit like this that makes me love this nigga. Just really think if you sent some hoe shit to your bestfriend…eg. “She don’t know but I’m eatin’ that ass tonight”…”She asked me if I nutted inside her” now look at the GIF. hahahaha and that’s our relationship in a nut shell. We’ve both have been having the toughest time and you’ve been making it so bearable and enlightening at the same time. This weekend, as you drunkingly expressed to me in the kitchen, “we’re gonna remember this forever”. It was one of THE dopest weekends. The serious convos, contemplation about life, ALL the alcohol, he even smoked shhhh (nigga 15 strands and keef?!?! I’m out the rotation, I 2nd that motion lol), the foolery in the club (I know you seen me out there-look at the GIF lol), to facetiming Chanel and Lisa, to watching 13 reasons why all Sunday night. It was a phenomenal weekend for the books and I appreciate you more than you know.

Fuck this was long

I would always explain to Nicole (Topanga) how I had no one, but even though we’re all separated by…just… life, doesn’t mean I have no one. It just means I have to be more content in the types of relationships we have now, which is a part of growing up and I see that now. Growing up sucks, honestly, it’s the worst, but the key is to find a group of individuals who make time…stand still…and in that moment, take in everything. ‘Cause in the end the connections we make with people and the time we do have are what matter.

You niggas are great. Life is eh for me, probably always will be, but you guys make it worth living.


Sweet Jesus we made it out alive!!!

Wassup people! So basically Garrett and I went out on the town and this is just the  videos/ snaps that we had taken.  We first went to HENNYPALOOZA in LA @ the Belasco Theater and then lounge 31ten in Santa Monica. Be sure to check those places out, well HENNYPALOOZA is once a year, but I know there is something like it this weekend…I want to say Sunday. Something along the lines of we run LA, project LA, idk something like that. The ratchet ass event was $50 and open bar for Hennessy products, you can imagine how that turned out for us, point is…we’re

P.S. I do not know why this video is so damn large… i tried and i tried, but I’m sleepy so you’re gonna have to deal with it lol


Limitless (NZT?)👅💊

Your Choice

Now if you know me, you know I take Adderall and would probably think I’d support this drug coming out, but I don’t. I barely support Adderall to be honest with you lol. I take it ’cause I’m a procrastinator and have terrible time management. I wish I can say that it’s going to change, but it is probably not going to, most likely not lol.

So there’s new companies (nootrobox) out there creating something like NZT from Limitless, coincidentally one of my all time favorite movies, wonder why lol?!? Jeff Wu one of the co-founders of Nootrobox of course defends his new smart pill. He claims to be 10x smarter than he was before taking the drug. I mean there are some pros to drugs like these, but definitely cons! IDK people, do your homework before you start taking them so you at least are knowledgeable about what you’re ingesting, you know?!? Is a “smart” pill for you?

People always ask me about Adderall too and I just did an interview for one of my classmates case studies on Adderall. Basically it’s like this I pop that mug in the morning. I make sure to eat before because Lord knows you can’t eat shit on Adderall, your appetite dwindles, i promise you. Next, since I’m a veteran in the game, I then smoke (alot) because believe you me there is a mawfuckin’ headache coming your way and it helps me to eat and not be so damn alert. Mind you Adderall is so much stronger than weed, that I’m high for about an hour and then it’s gone. 20-30 mins later I’m readin’/ writtin’/ shit IM WORKIN’! That’s the part that everyone wants, that WORK aspect. Oh and water? forget about it. There is nothing on my mind other than the work at hand! Let’s not forget about the insomnia and the studying all night. OMG and the IRRITABILITY, everyone can get it! Now some of these people say that, “they take it everyday”. That just cannot be bruh, I’m damn near on my death bed after a few days. It is just like Limitless and all the effects that Bradley Cooper experienced. But hey, all my work gets done so it’s pretty necessary come midterms and finals. IDK do you’re homework before you start putting things in your body and stop coming to me for Adderall ’cause I’m not giving my friends shit lol sorry breh.