Darkness, Darkness is Spreading πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­

Man oh fucking man!!! So I’m a tad bit late, but I do not be on this shit everyday; I’m a Chemistry major bruh. Anywho, Charlie fucking Murphy was definitely one of my biggest inspirations (his brother Eddie being my number 1) although it was Dave Chappelle’s show, Charlie Murphy definitely shined in some skits, the most memorable being of his Rick Jame’s memories.

My mom was crazy af, and literally made me and my sister’s lives a living hell, but of that hell there was a shinning glimmer of light from the Heavens above, that being the Dave Chappelle Show. I literally know every episode, every line, and if I could I would post all of his greatest scenes. I definitely do not have the time to do that so my favorite two will do… I wish I could get Katie and her big ass titties in here, buuuuut I prefer the Rick James. This is one of the men who made me want to go into comedy and was of the few things I could escape my reality with and I appreciated that so much.

He lost his battle to Leukemia, such a scary thought to get older. But he left his mark on the world and changed people’s lives more than he probably could fathom. I only wish I could change someone’s life like he has changed mine or give another kid that little glimmer of hope that he and his friends gave me. So enjoy! It’s like 1;30 am and I’m ballin’ let me stfu before my sister comes out here and gets in my ass!


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