Sweet Jesus we made it out alive!!!

Wassup people! So basically Garrett and I went out on the town and this is just the  videos/ snaps that we had taken.  We first went to HENNYPALOOZA in LA @ the Belasco Theater and then lounge 31ten in Santa Monica. Be sure to check those places out, well HENNYPALOOZA is once a year, but I know there is something like it this weekend…I want to say Sunday. Something along the lines of we run LA, project LA, idk something like that. The ratchet ass event was $50 and open bar for Hennessy products, you can imagine how that turned out for us, point is…we’re alive.lol

P.S. I do not know why this video is so damn large… i tried and i tried, but I’m sleepy so you’re gonna have to deal with it lol



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