Limitless (NZT?)👅💊

Your Choice

Now if you know me, you know I take Adderall and would probably think I’d support this drug coming out, but I don’t. I barely support Adderall to be honest with you lol. I take it ’cause I’m a procrastinator and have terrible time management. I wish I can say that it’s going to change, but it is probably not going to, most likely not lol.

So there’s new companies (nootrobox) out there creating something like NZT from Limitless, coincidentally one of my all time favorite movies, wonder why lol?!? Jeff Wu one of the co-founders of Nootrobox of course defends his new smart pill. He claims to be 10x smarter than he was before taking the drug. I mean there are some pros to drugs like these, but definitely cons! IDK people, do your homework before you start taking them so you at least are knowledgeable about what you’re ingesting, you know?!? Is a “smart” pill for you?

People always ask me about Adderall too and I just did an interview for one of my classmates case studies on Adderall. Basically it’s like this I pop that mug in the morning. I make sure to eat before because Lord knows you can’t eat shit on Adderall, your appetite dwindles, i promise you. Next, since I’m a veteran in the game, I then smoke (alot) because believe you me there is a mawfuckin’ headache coming your way and it helps me to eat and not be so damn alert. Mind you Adderall is so much stronger than weed, that I’m high for about an hour and then it’s gone. 20-30 mins later I’m readin’/ writtin’/ shit IM WORKIN’! That’s the part that everyone wants, that WORK aspect. Oh and water? forget about it. There is nothing on my mind other than the work at hand! Let’s not forget about the insomnia and the studying all night. OMG and the IRRITABILITY, everyone can get it! Now some of these people say that, “they take it everyday”. That just cannot be bruh, I’m damn near on my death bed after a few days. It is just like Limitless and all the effects that Bradley Cooper experienced. But hey, all my work gets done so it’s pretty necessary come midterms and finals. IDK do you’re homework before you start putting things in your body and stop coming to me for Adderall ’cause I’m not giving my friends shit lol sorry breh.


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