Issa No for me

First and foremost let me start by saying Tisha Campbell (Gina/ Jay) at one point was everyone’s love interest at one point in time. Whether it was in House Party, Martin, or My wife and Kids. Let me just make that clear! lol Gawd I love that woman! BUUUUUUT, sweet Jesus she fucked this song all the way up and I mean all the way. When it first started I was like “ooooooooo ok girl I see you boo”, and then that shit took a turn. Now we all know Gina can sing, but I mean maybe all these years are affecting her like Mariah Carey (Don’t even get me started on that clown). Let me commend her for at least finishing the song, at least there is that right!?! You can clearly hear the crowd clownin’ her but you can also hear others cheering her on, bless their hearts! lol Point is Got Damnit Gina, if you would’ve stayed with Martin none of this shit would have happened! I hope y’all enjoy man there’s definitely a special treat at the end. LMAO


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