High Thoughts LOL

Day 1: I wish I would’ve started this earlier… but anywho. I think it’ll make me feel better

1st thought: I love my niece man! She’s dope af. She’s a lil asshole sometimes, but she allllllllright you know? It’s just great to have this lil tiny thing/ human be so innocent and vulnerable and so loving. It’s crazy being an uncle I can only imagine being a dad. That’d be wild, probably really dope… if you do it  correctly! 

2nd : Sweet lawd I just bought the flyest kicks in the past 48 hours. My lord am I handsome! Lol. 

3rd: I miss Omar

4th : Migos is just killin’ the game/ thank you drake/ big Sean is doin it/ Tory lanez yes/ omg decemba remix ( imma take that to the grave with me breh/ I’ll be listening to that shit when I’m 80)

5th: Imani is watching chimpmunks movies (the cartoon version) get high and watch that later lol enjoy 

6th: My nigga these shoes!i should save a fucking picture. I wonder if you can do that? nigga you can! Look…

Right?!? Sheesh!

7th: I’m high right now actually lol

8th: Fuck I gotta wake up early (gym/ oil change/ nigga shit/ lol)

9th: I cracked my neck so hard right now I almost broke my FUCKING neck. 

10th: Imani funny af. Clarissa dropped something and she was like “that was embarrassing”… she’s an asshole sometimes 😏 but then she just told me goodnight and she loved me and to not let the bedbugs bite. I should save a video.. you’ll see the cuteness but I be high so it really takes effect, you know? I really take this shit in. I be so high y’all lol

11th: I think they watching Rio 2… fucking bangers 

12:th I miss being young with ShaNiece and Brian. It was great. Worst/ greatest time of my life. They will honestly always be my niggas. They just did so much for me and sometimes they didn’t even know they were doing anything. They are truly the best people I know and without them, honestly I don’t know where I’d be. They were so essential to my life.

13th. I promise it’s so crazy how like… TIME… like Time is so crazy. So many things happen. Like really take these people and moments in. Time is happening so quickly and before you know it you’re….. here…. or there….. it’s wild like you think everything is happening slowly and you have so much time like you don’t truly understand time until about 25. You’re gonna be so quick to get to 18 then 21 then before you know it you’re an adult… and it’s great for some people and then it sucks for some people … and it could flip and be vice versa. It’s scary man. But then it’s thrilling. Sometimes sad… rewarding mostly. 

14th. That was fucking Long my bad

15th. I’m hungry af, I’m over here dropping knowledge and shit working up an appetite

16th. Ayyyyyy high key my dick game better than Floyd boxing game my dude. I be slayin’ 😂😈

17th. Schrödinger 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

18th. Fucking Pchem is the hardest thing in life my nigga. Like you’ll hear about Ochem but you’ll never hear about Pchem, that shit is fucking the hardest thing I’ve ever had to comprehend and I still don’t fucking comprehend it. Niggas think I’m smart but FUCK! I’m really not lol 

19th. I gotta go to sleep but I like this imma do this EVERYTIME I smoke. That capitalized by itself… anywho I’m lying imma search for music.

20th. Ay high key I should be a fucking dj my guy… like my playlist are fucking lit breh! 

21st. My nigga Clarissa bought raspberry toaster strudel… I ain’t NEVA had no amazing shit like that befo. EVA. Sweet Jesus if that ain’t the most heavenly, created from the man above, satisfying, mouth watering, let me stop. Anyways that shit is flight!!!!       

22nd. This nigga Garrett foolish as fuck he’s pretty great tho, he’s my guy. He’s weird like me too, like ShaNiece and Brian. We all kinda weird with the depressive/ rough fam life. They all closed off though. It’s crazy they know so much about me but I so little about them.

23rd. Did i ask? Was I not listening? I don’t remember them talking too much about their past. I know a lil but not too much. I just acted out. Idk. I love em tho.

24th. Olive Garden sucks dick! Eat a dick Julie, old dumb ass hoe! I legit hate dat bih. I be wantin’ to put the paws on her.

25th. Look at my Bitmoji cuh.


look just like me 

26th. Anyways I’m done now. Imma smoke more and hope I wake up on time. See it sucks being an adult 🙄. Before you’re an adult you ain’t got to worry about time. So like I said before ⌛️

27th. Don’t forget time is essential. Find a way to capture it. Find a way to record everything.

28th. Siege!!!! 🔫 I be killin niggas, (I’ll make a video of that lol)

29th. Ok I’m done I’m hungry. Till the next time

30th. Ay wait It’s like 8 mins later. One more thing. Moana got fucking bangers honestly lol. I bet you can correlate exactly when I wrote this…… if you pay attention lol


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